Our Philosophy

Mercadyne Advisors have started and operated many businesses and understand the challenges possessed by entrepreneurs from company formation to exit. We have:

  • Invested capital in businesses, across virtually all industry sectors, at their infancy and at several stages during their formative years.
  • Realized the capital needs of emerging growth businesses are critical to their success; the quantitative.
  • Realized the importance of top-notch company management, corporate culture, and that investors’ decisions to invest is as much afunction of the quality of management, the corporate culture it establishes, and innovation, as it is the business itself; the qualitative.
  • We view these qualitative elements of a business tantamount to the quantitative success of attracting capital, generating improving operating results and creating significant shareholder value. We have worked with clients to successfully achieve both the qualitative and quantitative elements of building their business to realize this value.
  • Our sensitivity to emerging growth businesses extends to how we structure our engagements with our clients. This philosophy completely aligns our interests with that of our clients.