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Mercadyne Fund Management LLC is an investment firm founded in 2017.  We actively manage capital for our Accredited Investors.  Mercadyne has offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and Portland, Oregon.  We are committed to producing excellence across all functions of our business and seek to deliver superior performance to our investors. Mach 100 LP is a global small and micro-capitalization, non-correlated, equity focused hedge fund. The Fund’s investment objective is to generate absolute returns.

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Interview with David N. Baker

Mach 100 LP Performance with Non-Correlation

MACH 100 LP seeks to generate superior returns by entering positions with high return risk profiles at the inflection point of their catalysts to capture discovery premium and multiple expansion. As the Fund’s strategy is non-correlated, it is expected that our positions in the fund often trade based upon their own fundamentals and the supply demand situation of the security or event that is fact specific to the respective portfolio securities (e.g. stock, bond, metal, etc.); not based upon the performance of the broad financial markets.