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Time Is Luck but Timing is Not Lucky.

Timing is a critical component of investment performance. For purposes of this blog post, we are speaking about timing in connection with an investment in a publicly traded security or asset, e.g. metals, other commodities, etc.; not broad financial market timing. Timing determines your entry and exit of a position. It has a significant impact [...]

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Publicly Born Unicorn

The Unicorns. The companies with billion dollar plus market capitalizations. Some emanate from venture capital financing and begin their publicly traded life with billon dollar valuations and others are publicly “born and bred.” I am speaking about the publicly born and bred unicorns; that were once small (or small cap) public companies and over time [...]

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Applying Social Media to Securities Analysis-Bizzare or Useful?

The definition of a Social Sentiment Indicator consists of a measurement of social media, aggregated from various sources (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and/or any social media platform), that registers positive, negative or neutral feedback, to enable businesses, celebrities, influencers or anyone that has social media followers, to understand their performance, what they are doing [...]

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Trading Psychology-The Single Biggest Contributor to Investment Returns

We believe that trading psychology is the single greatest factor determining an investor’s (professional fund manager or individual investor) investment returns. One must possess the right trading psychology (mental and emotional composition) to position the fund or portfolio such that it has the opportunity to be successful in order to drive superior investment returns. Trading [...]

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Management Makes the Difference

It goes without saying that management is important in any company.  However, this is particularly true for smaller companies.  A small company is generally less established and hence much more sensitive to mistakes or failures.   There is no shortage of great ideas or great business plans amongst small companies.  In terms of volume, the small [...]

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From Needles In Haystacks To Unicorns

Over the past 37 years, since age 13, I have been investing in small and micro-capitalization public companies.  During this period of time, I have been an individual investor, retail broker, hedge fund manager, proprietary trader, corporate finance principal and advisor (originating, structuring and investing in private companies going public through a multiplicity of alternative [...]

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Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1

  Volume 1, Issue 1: April 17, 2018 Dear Friends: Mercadyne Fund Management (“Mercadyne Funds” or “Mercadyne”) has now begun publishing a monthly newsletter. It is focused upon micro cap and small cap public equities ($50 million to $2 billion market capitalizations), containing timely investment themes, identification of interesting public companies (companies to watch), observations [...]

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