Making Money in 2019 Equity Markets

Money is made in the equity capital markets by embracing a strategy and not deviating from it.  Discipline.  In contrast, every month in the equity markets is different.  October 2018 was an avalanche, November 2018 was a plateau, December was a landslide; and January 2019 has been an up trending market.  As companies are now [...]

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Investing for Non-Correlation: Reduce Your Risk and Increase Your Returns

Investing for Non-Correlation means investing in assets whose prices and investment performance do not relate to or change with the securities markets.  Non-correlating assets can be any asset that does not move in concert with the market whose systematic risk it is trying to be avoided, e.g. bonds, currencies, commodities, real estate, etc.  These non-correlating [...]

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Special Situations:  A Strategy for Success in 2019

Despite the New Year rally, we have now entered the expected choppy and grinding markets.  To combat this situation, we believe that 2019 has the highest propensity to reward those investing in opportunities that are known as “special situations.” These investment opportunities do not depend upon a company merely improving its operating results or a rise in [...]

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Grinding Markets Ahead

After this long, 9 year bull market which we have experienced, the equity markets don’t have to necessarily reverse to a protracted bear market; unless of course we experience a credit meltdown, asset bubble, global asset deflation [again] or other broad economic catastrophe. In fact, the correction we saw in October may occur a few [...]

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Portfolio Concentration

Concentration or portfolio concentration is an important element of investing and has great impact upon investment returns.   Portfolio concentration means that the investment portfolio has a select number of positions and there are not an abundance of investment positions; and there is not wide diversification and each position tends to be a larger percentage of the fund or portfolio.  In contrast, a diversified portfolio has [...]

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The World is a Spheroid. Its Global Trading is Flat.

When Steve and I started our first hedge fund in 1994, our hedge fund’s portfolio was almost exclusively U.S. companies with an occasional Canadian company, that often traded in the U.S. If it only traded in Canada, there were instances when it was almost impossible to buy, or at least difficult and time consuming, requiring [...]

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Time Is Luck but Timing is Not Lucky.

Timing is a critical component of investment performance. For purposes of this blog post, we are speaking about timing in connection with an investment in a publicly traded security or asset, e.g. metals, other commodities, etc.; not broad financial market timing. Timing determines your entry and exit of a position. It has a significant impact [...]

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Publicly Born Unicorn

The Unicorns. The companies with billion dollar plus market capitalizations. Some emanate from venture capital financing and begin their publicly traded life with billon dollar valuations and others are publicly “born and bred.” I am speaking about the publicly born and bred unicorns; that were once small (or small cap) public companies and over time [...]

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Applying Social Media to Securities Analysis-Bizzare or Useful?

The definition of a Social Sentiment Indicator consists of a measurement of social media, aggregated from various sources (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and/or any social media platform), that registers positive, negative or neutral feedback, to enable businesses, celebrities, influencers or anyone that has social media followers, to understand their performance, what they are doing [...]

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