It Takes a Village

As a friend of mine and seasoned capital markets participant and IR counselor says about microcap company success: "It takes a village." It takes a village to propel a microcap public company to become a large and successful company with a substantially larger market capitalization. The village consists of every type of market participant from [...]

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You Can’t Fall From the Basement. Or Can You?

Any successful investor or trader will agree that regardless of strategy or tactics, minimizing your risk allowsyou to live to fight another day. It also means potentially having the largest return risk profile. One way to do this (on the long side), is to buy securities at their multi-year lows. Finding equities that are trading at [...]

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It’s not all about the “O.” It’s all about the TP

Dear Friends, We believe that trading psychology (TP) is the single greatest factor determining investment returns. One must possess the right mental and emotional composition to position the fund or portfolio, the opportunity to be successful and drive superior investment returns and of equal importance, consistent returns. Trading psychology also means trading rules and ways [...]

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Beautiful Store in the Desert (no not in Las Vegas)

So you have completed your fundamental and technical analysis of a stock and everything checked out. You bought it, but the stock isn’t going up; and nobody seems to care. Why? The answer is: There is no investment community visibility. No shareholder awareness. No one knows about the Company. Like Robert, a great micro-cap CEO [...]

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Hunting not Gathering

When considering various individual investments (long or short) for your portfolio, one should go hunting, not gathering. Gathering is passively purchasing securities, fairly immediately, when one learns about them (from a friend, magazine article, online research report, brand affinity, etc.); and perhaps even adding to these investments incrementally over a duration of time; or when [...]

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Making Money in 2019 Equity Markets

Money is made in the equity capital markets by embracing a strategy and not deviating from it.  Discipline.  In contrast, every month in the equity markets is different.  October 2018 was an avalanche, November 2018 was a plateau, December was a landslide; and January 2019 has been an up trending market.  As companies are now [...]

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Investing for Non-Correlation: Reduce Your Risk and Increase Your Returns

Investing for Non-Correlation means investing in assets whose prices and investment performance do not relate to or change with the securities markets.  Non-correlating assets can be any asset that does not move in concert with the market whose systematic risk it is trying to be avoided, e.g. bonds, currencies, commodities, real estate, etc.  These non-correlating [...]

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Special Situations:  A Strategy for Success in 2019

Despite the New Year rally, we have now entered the expected choppy and grinding markets.  To combat this situation, we believe that 2019 has the highest propensity to reward those investing in opportunities that are known as “special situations.” These investment opportunities do not depend upon a company merely improving its operating results or a rise in [...]

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Grinding Markets Ahead

After this long, 9 year bull market which we have experienced, the equity markets don’t have to necessarily reverse to a protracted bear market; unless of course we experience a credit meltdown, asset bubble, global asset deflation [again] or other broad economic catastrophe. In fact, the correction we saw in October may occur a few [...]

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Portfolio Concentration

Concentration or portfolio concentration is an important element of investing and has great impact upon investment returns.   Portfolio concentration means that the investment portfolio has a select number of positions and there are not an abundance of investment positions; and there is not wide diversification and each position tends to be a larger percentage of the fund or portfolio.  In contrast, a diversified portfolio has [...]

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